Module 1: Understand the Design Stack

Hi WILDLoggers, 

Thanks to everyone who attended our virtual launch today! We're so excited that our virtual course is finally here!

You can find all of our Module One videos and resources here on WILDLABS, and on our course playlist on our Youtube channel.

Use this thread to ask Akiba and Jacinta your module 1 and course questions, and chat with each other about the content. Can't make the live events? No problem! You can always ask your questions here in the forum, and we'll make sure Akiba and Jacinta answer it in the Q&A recording, or get back to you in this thread.

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Happy building!



When would we need to have the logger in our hands physically, in order to make the most of the modules? Also, is there a way to order from EU to avoid customs issues + possible delays?


Would Arduino be able to work with a regular powerbank? AudioMoths for instance can't, as the energy drain is too low and the powerbanks go to sleep. Any insight on this front? apologies if this will be covered in future modules.

Hi Akiba and Jacinta,

Great course so far! Is the schematic for the Wildlogger going to be made available as open source? I would like to understand the hardware, especially the power section. Thanks!