discussion / Camera Traps  / 25 October 2020

Recommendations needed: software for collating camera trap images

Just looking for recommendations for collating camera trap images. We will be retrieving 30 cameras in coming weeks and would like to use a program to upload the SD cards directly to help collate the images so that they can be  reviewed by a team of people.

Project located in NSW Australia

Target species- spotted-tailed quoll


Hi @M_Bonet 

I realise you're looking for specific advice, but in the meantime, if you haven't already I recommend you have a look at these two threads as they've got advice similar to what you're looking for: 

I'd also check out @ariehammond s Camera Trapping: Incredibly useful resources list, and Everything I know about Machine Learning and Camera Traps, compiled by Dan Morris. Both signpost key software packages available now that might be useful. 

Hope this helps!



Hi there!  Have you considered https://www.wildlifeinsights.org/ ? 

It's designed to help field researchers upload and verify their camera trap images quickly using AI. 

It's still at an early stage but at the very least will help you sort through empty images quickly and tag your photos systematically for future AI support.  If you're keen and would like some guidance you can message me directly and I'm happy to help get you connected.  I'm not part of the WI team, but I work alongside folks who do.




The MegaDetector may be of use to you. @sarabeery would be a good resource!