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Tools similar to BirdNet for analyzing avian recordings?

Hello everyone, 

I am a new member, and this is my first post.  I am an amateur conservationist and birder, and have a love of birding (though not quite the ear to go with it!)

In the April 2020 issue of the ABA Birding Magazine, there is an excellent article on research being done using autonomous audio recording devices, like the AudioMoth.  I was so excited at the potential of learning the different birds in my home area through recordings, that I went out an purchased the AudioMoth.  I neglected to think about how to analyze the audio files one I had them.  In searching Google, it looks like Cornell's "BirdNet" demo provided the ability to upload a file of birdsongs, and use the system they created to analyze and map those recordings to bird species in their data set.  This is exactly what I'm looking for, but it seems like BirdNet is down for maintenance with no anticipated start up date. 

My question is: what other tool or website exists, like BirdNet, that would allow for uploading of audio files and mapping them to bird species?  I am willing to subscribe to a site for this ability, I just can't seem to find any that do this.  It seems there are a few iphone apps that do it, but I want to use the recordings I capture from the AudioMoth.  Any and all suggestions are much appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi John,

I imagine (and hope!) that you've been able to access Cornell's BirdNet since your post. So I'm commenting on the off-chance that you haven't or for any others interested in this area. A colleague of mine is doing a PhD on acoustic recordings for bird calls and advised that BirdNet is your best bet if you don't do the identification yourself, but that it's not the most accurate. There's also Kaleidoscope and ARBIMON, but both are pretty costly and would require time playing around on them to create your own classifiers (i.e. ID'd bird calls) for the recorded audio. Hope this helps a bit!



Dear Thomas I'm really interested by your experience, how did you use birdnet?

I would like to monitor a area for a certain amount of time with birdnet automatically identifying the bird around, is it possible to do that? Or did you record a sound bird for a while, then transfer the audio file into bird net and manually identify each bird sound?

All the best, Antoine