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sound loop devise


I need to create something to play a sound loop 24/7 for at least 4 weeks solar powered. I am currently working with solar powered speakers and an mp3 player hooked up to solar panel. The problem I have is the the mp3 players quit recharging after a few days. Hoping to keep cost under $300 as I will need up to a dozen of these devices.

Thank you 


Hi Eric,

Sounds interesting!  What do you mean by quits recharging?  Maybe if you describe in some detail your setup, e.g. what MP3 player are you using, which charge controller, battery and PV panel capacity?  BTW how long is your loop?



Hi Eric,


Not sure if it would help, but you could try something like Sparkfun's Wav Trigger (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13660) or their Tsunami Super Wav Trigger (Tsunami Super WAV Trigger). There's quite a bit of support in the "Documents" tab (e.g. their hookup guide: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/tsunami-hookup-guide/all), and also the designer has a page full of useful information: https://robertsonics.com/tsunami/ and http://robertsonics.com/tsunami-user-guide/. I am not quite sure what you are after, but a neat feature is that these boards can all be controlled by external "triggers", like a timer for example. 

Or if this overkill, as Harold asked, it'd be good to get an idea of how you are currently powering and recharging the MP3 player etc.





Hi Eric,

Thanks for the extra info.  You are saying that after you recover your equipment, you find the MP3 player cannot be turned on, and putting it on charge (in the normal way) does not restore it?

The Ruizu manual says the builtin battery can power the unit for 100 hours or 4 days.  Could it be the biolite isn't working or a connection has failed and the MP3 player is just running down its own juice?  The manual says when charging, you have to choose between USB charge-only or USB charge with data.  Could it be when the sun goes down and comes back up, the Ruizu stalls when that question pops up again?

What kind of loudspeakers are you using and how are they powered?  You mention they are solar powered, are they deployed outside the blind?




yes the ruizu will no longer charge. this happened with another make and the one before that we could not program not to shut off after so many hours. 

what is difference beetween charge only and charge wioth data?

 the speakers have their own solar panal, are bluetooth and so far have not presented any problems . they are just outside blind with solat panel on top and mp3 just inside .

I also tried an I pod but could not get it to not shut off after a period of time as well as I was hoping to find a less expensive device.

If i have to spend more money and only end up with 2 or 3 i will work with that.