discussion / Camera Traps  / 28 November 2019

Repairing Camera Traps

Last night i shouted into the void that is twitter to ask if anyone has attempted to get broken camera traps/trail cams fixed. I have a growing pile of cameras that are no longer working and rather than throw them out i want to attempt to repair them.

Stephanie suggested I raise this issue here so here i am!

Is there anyone out there with knowledge to help the likes of me develop to skills to diagnose the problem and then fix trail cams? 

I think there would be a demand as resources for the likes of me are finite and I think we should be as sustainable as possible in the work we do. I really dont like the idea of chucking cameras and components in landfill.   

This is going to be fun! We could see if, once we've taken our diagnostic abilities to their limits (so I am already there with: "have you tried turning it on and off again"), we could get an engineer to help us troubleshoot with diagnostic tools like a digital multimeter etc.? 

Hi Andy,

I am with Dave and thanks so much for the offer. I am thinking that we could potentially isolate a few 'hard' problem cameras (i.e. beyond our ability to diagnose problems) and have an engineer walk us through some more advanced testing, using a multimeter etc., and perhaps over a video call or something? We could put together some short clips of various methods/tests and maybe even come up with some common, but more advanced faults. Could then consider other things like a 'how to desolder and solder on a new component' video etc. (which I can probably help with)...anyway, these sorts of ideas, overseen by an engineering maestro, could be really useful...



This was exactly what I was thinking, Rob. We've started uploading all our virtual meeup talks onto youtube (here) - I'm all for quick and dirty (and done) with great content over slick, highly produced videos, so if we could go for video calls for demos + questions and record, that'll be a good starting point. 

Now, I think I said i'd start a spreadsheet.. 


Ok - I shall cross post mercilessly into a few of the interest groups.