discussion / Community Base  / 18 July 2019

Conservation Technology Database

Dear Group Members,

I work with the Global Wildlife Program which includes projects in 19 countries around Asia and Africa on combating illegal wildlife trade, reducing human-wildlife conflict and promoting wildlife-based economies. As part of the knowledge activities, we try and collate information such as tools and resources under a specific topic and provide that database/ inventory to our stakeholders (governments, local NGOs, partners which include international NGOs, etc.) 

We have such a database for law enforcement tools that we created two years ago but we would really like to create (unless it already exists) a database/ inventory for conservation technologies. The idea would be to find out what the technology can do, what threat it is supposed to mitigate, operating and set up costs, whom someone should contact, what kind of capacity is needed to adopt the technology, etc. 

My question to the group is - does such an inventory exist ? If yes, please can you share it and if not, our program will consider putting it together so if you know of someone who can help us do that, please put me in touch. 


Are you familiar with the Conservation Evidence database? https://www.conservationevidence.com/

It is a searchable database of conservation actions (including but not limited to technological solutions), categorised by effectiveness with relevant references. To me it sounds a lot like what you are looking for.