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Are you headed to ICCB 2019?

Hi everyone, 

We'll be at ICCB next week and organising a heap of tech related activities. If you're around and want to meet other wildlabbers, please drop me a message below or email me at [email protected] so I can loop you in. In addition to the workshop, symposium and tech think tank we're organising in the official program, we usually organise tech meetups throughout the week. They are a great place to meet other people using tech and we're super friendly, so if you want to come along it would be great to meet you! 

If you're giving a talk - also please let us know below. It's always such a packed schedule, so it would be great to know when wildlabbers are presenting and sharing their work so we can come along. 

See you all next week!


Hi Steph,

I'll be there.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the energy harvester demo done, but I'll bring my AUV instead (static model, I think I've lost some of its bits).  I'm planning to donate one of my prototype stereo recorders to the auction but we can have a fiddle with it before.

Looking forward,


Hi Steph,

Thanks for starting this thread. I'll be at ICCB too. I am presenting on social and organisational aspects of implementing technologies for protected area management and security on Tuesday 23rd at the session starting 11:45. Would love to join the meetups as well!