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Studying pangolin ecology

Hi All, I will be beginning a Ph.D. in the fall and will be studying pangolins in Nigeria to understand their ecology and population as well as the role Nigeria plays in their trade. I am currently getting things in place and would appreciate some advice on an ideal technology for tracking/studying their ecology. Thanks!

Fantastic Carl,

I'll put you in touch with the IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group (PSG) that I work closely with and introduce you to suitable tagging technologies work and field contacts. We're developing a low-cost tag for pangolins after feedback from the last PSG workshop identified a need moving forward, so having your PhD integrated with this work (trailing solutions too) moving foward would be valuable.

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Arribada Initiative

Hi Carl , 

We're doing the same thing at GFT working closely with a pangolin group in South Africa, we too require hardware. Alongside this, we are hoping to build a customised IoT system to assist their study on pangolins. In this light, GFT is also hoping to work long term alongside conservationists with our technical capabilities which include software design , modern apps, IoT's , Cloud infrastructure , Data analysis etc

Let us know if we can assist!

Hi, Everyone!

We were speaking with a researcher in Viet Nam about a GPS solution that would last several seasons on these rugged creatures.  It's on a 2020 development list of potentials for us.  What would you suggest are the key points for the outside dimensions, weight, and attachment technique we should aim for?  Thanks very much!