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Studying pangolin ecology

Hi All, I will be beginning a Ph.D. in the fall and will be studying pangolins in Nigeria to understand their ecology and population as well as the role Nigeria plays in their trade. I am currently getting things in place and would appreciate some advice on an ideal technology for tracking/studying their ecology. Thanks!

Fantastic Carl,

I'll put you in touch with the IUCN Pangolin Specialist Group (PSG) that I work closely with and introduce you to suitable tagging technologies work and field contacts. We're developing a low-cost tag for pangolins after feedback from the last PSG workshop identified a need moving forward, so having your PhD integrated with this work (trailing solutions too) moving foward would be valuable.

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Arribada Initiative

Hi Carl , 

We're doing the same thing at GFT working closely with a pangolin group in South Africa, we too require hardware. Alongside this, we are hoping to build a customised IoT system to assist their study on pangolins. In this light, GFT is also hoping to work long term alongside conservationists with our technical capabilities which include software design , modern apps, IoT's , Cloud infrastructure , Data analysis etc

Let us know if we can assist!

Hi, Everyone!

We were speaking with a researcher in Viet Nam about a GPS solution that would last several seasons on these rugged creatures.  It's on a 2020 development list of potentials for us.  What would you suggest are the key points for the outside dimensions, weight, and attachment technique we should aim for?  Thanks very much!


Hi all,

Great to see activity in this space. I am currently away on an expedition but will reply shortly with a follow up on the open source work in this space too so we can sync together efforts.

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