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Call for ideas & feedback

Hi forum,

I am writing to ask the group what are the most pressing challenges they have that could potentially be solved by technology. I am a technologist, but also have experience investigating cyber crime and developing intelligence for law enforcement. I am keen to put my skills to use and help with consercation if I can. I also have a few ideas of my own that I would like to share for feedback.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks, Stuart. 

I just registered today as I’m looking for technologies that can (a) help detect wire snares and steel leg-hold traps in a jungle setting, and (b) locate animals in the dark and/or thick foliage. 


My work is animal rescue in northern Taiwan, and the bulk of our rescues are dogs, cats, and wildlife maimed by poachers’ traps and snares. I need to locate injured or trapped animals in the jungle and also find snares and traps so that we can destroy them or set up trail cameras to capture video evidence of the poachers doing their thing. 


So I guess I’m also interested in trail cameras that can transmit footage without my having to physically collect it each time. 


Not sure if you can help but grateful for any suggestions. 

First day, first post - totally forgivable :) 

If you haven't found it already, there's a thread about snare detection technologies in the wildlife crime group. I've weirdly had quite a few conversations about snares in the past few weeks, so I suspect it's a thread of discussion that is going to start picking up again after being dormant for a while. I'd pop your question in there and see what comes back. 



It certainly is. Whatever gets the job done and makes it easier for us to find the animals and prosecute the poachers. Also interested in thermal-imaging hardware and perhaps radar. I'm new to them all.