discussion / AI for Conservation  / 10 December 2018

African elephant facial or body recognition software

Hi Guys


I am a volunteer at a large Eastern Cape South African Game reserve.

We have in excess of 700 elephants that are presently being photographed and documented by volunteer game rangers and their family.


We are trying to create a cloud based folder where each elephant that has be photographed can be identified at a later date by the next photograph we take of them. Hopefully when we re-photograph them the software will be able to identify the elephant as one we have photographed/documented earlier.

We are trying to document the siblings, the mothers and fathers if possible. This will be an ongoing identification of these animals.


Hopefully there is some sort of software which has been developed that can measure tusks, ears (size or shape) and/or size of tusks etc. Face recognition?


Hopefully you can point me in the right direction.


Kind regards