discussion / Remote Sensing & GIS  / 16 March 2017

Welcome to the GIS group!

Hello and welcome to the WILDLABS.NET GIS group!

We felt that, being such a broad-spectrum and cutting-edge tool in conservation, GIS deserved its own group within the WILDLABS Community. Please use the existing Remote Sensing, Drones and other groups for their respective topics. This is a dedicated group for all things spatial and mappable. We're looking forward to following and participating in the threads that will ensue, and I have no doubt that some key discussions in conservation GIS will play out within this group. I hope that people find it a useful resource. Thanks to @StephODonnell for creating the group..

Happy Mapping!

Thom (GIS group Manager)

Hello. I'm working at Korea National Park Service, GISP, and a charter member of OSGeo Foundation. I'm teaching various open source GIS applications such as QGIS, GRASS GIS, Orfeo ToolBox, OpenDroneMap. Nice to know this GIS group!

Hello, I am currently using QGIS for assessing conservation planning effectiveness and identifying gaps in networks of protected areas in the Neotropics. It's really nice to be able to share and gather knowledge about GIS functionalities.