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Open Tag IMU data analysis


Does anyone have better ideas for data analysis of opentag IMU data analysis than Matlab ? 

To back up a bit, I was given csv files of some movement data. the tag that was used is:

OpenTag (loggerhead.com) is an Arduino-compatible open-source inertial measurement unit (IMU) for recording high speed motion sensor data to a removable microSD memory card.  OpenTag uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery so you can reuse it unlike other data storage tags.


3D Accelerometer

3D Magnetometer

3D Gyroscope

Pressure (depth)


As I said - matlab is the suggested software, but I would rather do anthing else. anyone with R code I could use? anyone figure out an excel work around? Python code?

Suggestions on how to proceed will be most welcome.





Hi Michael

I made some progress on a Java library and little GUI but I did not finish it. Although I managed the boring stuff, unpacking the DSG files and put some nifty magnetic calbration stuff in.

This is NOT a finished or functional product but it is open source, so if anyone wanted to finish it off, I'd be more than happy. I intend to do it eventually but at the back of the list opf things to do.

The application main class is here: It's integrated into a larger application but can be used as a standalone app. Good luck to anyone who wants to take it on- make sure any further work stays accessible and open please.