discussion / Community Base  / 7 March 2016

WILDLABS.NET Functionality and Features - have your say

Hi everyone, 

We've been getting lots of constructive feedback on the site from different communtiy members getting in touch through private messages and email. It's great to hear your thoughts about what you love about the site and what you wish it could do. 

At the moment, we're deploying updates to the site every couple of weeks. If your feedback is a minor change or improvement (e.g. adding the ability to tag other members in a post), we will look to incorporate it into our schedule in the near term. If what you're suggesting is a major change to the site (e.g. adding a personalised, responsive landing page to the community) we will add for consideration in the major development we're planning down the track. 

Recent Updates:

  • Latest Conversations Feed: You wanted a quick way to see what conversations are happening across the site, so we've added a new responsive feed to the front page of the community that appears when you're logged in. In this table, you'll see the three latest posts in the community, what group they're happening in and when they were posts. This table show the latest posts, regardless of whether you're a member of the group they are occurring in, so you'll have a nice snapshot of where the activity is in the community.  
  • Content arranged in reverse chronological order: All content across the site is now ordered in reverse chronological order, so that when you visit the member directory, the group listings and lists of conversations within a group, these will all be arranged so that the newest additions display at the top of the list. 
  • @user functionality: You will soon be able to use @user to tag a specific community member in your post with their username. If you are tagged in a post, you will receive an alert. 

Community Members' Wish List of Functionality:

  • Reddit style floating lists of content, so that the most upvoted or popular conversations or groups appear at the top of listings. 
  • Personalised, responsive profile pages, where relevant content is pulled from across the site and displayed conveniently
  • Database capacity to faciliate sharing data sets easily. 
  • Developer sandbox for developing code collaboratively 
  • Options for switching around layout of community front page (e.g. groups condensed into a list that is easy to view)


We will continue to update this thread with new updates from our development team based on feedback from community members.

We want to hear from you about what you want for your community, so if you have ideas that should be added to this list please leave a comment below or get in touch with our team