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Travelling with a drone/UK regulations

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A friend of mine is visiting Cambridge and he would like to bring his drone from Spain. He is certified as drone operator in Spain and he would fly around the city, for non-commercial purposes. Anything he should know before travelling with the drone? Could you please provide me some guidance on regulations / permits in UK ? 

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This came up in our conversation a couple of days ago @Guy , perhaps you have some suggestions that could help Sofia? Otherwise @maykef , @Tomswinfield  or @Felipe-Spina - you've all flown drones in the UK, what has your experience been? 






Your friend cannot fly the drone in the city, nor within a 50 meter diameter from people, or buildings if the drone carries a camera; 150 meters away from any congested area (cars or people).

The drone must be in line of sight at all times, and cannot go over 122 meters of altitude.

If recording or taking pictures privacy rules must be observed; anyone filmed/photographed must hand permission in writing.

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Hi All,

For a full list of countries and drone regulations the most up-to-date site is the wiki of uaviators: