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Are you heading to Hawai'i for the IUCN World Conservation Congress?

We're two weeks out from the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Hawai'i. 'm keen to meet as many WILDLABS.NET members as possible while I'm there, so if you're planning on attending, I'd love to hear from you. If you're coming along and keen to meet up with other WILDLABS.NET members, jump in below and introduce yourself.

I'm also keen to organise a meetup one evening, so I'd love to guage interest in this - let me know in your response if it's something you'd be keen to come along to. 

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone soon!


Steph, I´m heading to the congress. Please let me know about any group meeting planned. Cheers. 

For those heading to the conference, we'd love to invite you to an event at the U.S. Pavilion on September 2 at 12:45pm to talk about the upcoming "Zoohackathon." www.zoohackathon.com. And if you're not going, no problem because you can participate online! I'll post in the "hosting an event at IUCN thread" more info about the event and how you can send in questions for some top officials working to combat wildlife trafficking using conservation technology.

Thanks to our WildLabs.net partners! Let me know if you have any questions, either through this thread or by email to [email protected]. See you in Hawaii!

I'd like to welcome @te[email protected]  @Dominique @Bergenas and @Annette to this group. 

From the messages you've left when requesting membership, it sounds like you're all coming along to the Congress and are keen to be kept in the loop about what other members are up to. It would be great if you would introduce yourself here as well and share why you're attending the congress. Annette and Dominique, from what you wrote to me, it sounds like you're both involved with some interesting sessions (about Open Standards and Ranger Campus respectively)! Ted, it's great to hear you're going to be around - is Vulcan's work being showcased anywhere? Johan, are you involved in any of the wildlife crime and technology sessions? 


Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!


Dear Stephanie and others,

Good to 'meet' you. I'm definitely keen on meeting the group and sharing ideas and inspiration as well as info on events that are not te be missed. (Stephanie thanks for setting this up!)

About me; I'm one of the co-founders of Ranger Campus, a foundation that aims to make high quality training modules available to rangers everywhere, regardless of budget and location. We're developing a platform that will make this possible and that is adapted specifically to the situation in the field. 

We have been offered a place in one of the IWT workshops but are waiting for confirmation, pending a go-ahead from all partners involved. If that comes through I'll let you know who what and where. Besides that we'll be walking around with a beta version of an app we're developing separately so would be great to hear your thoughts on that.

I'm fortunate enough to be able to attend the Congress through my other job, as assistant of the Chair of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management. So there'll be plenty of running around but if I have a chance to join you for a few drinks I'll be there! Looking forward to it.

Cheers, Dominique