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Seismic detectors

Hello community,

Is anyone familiar with, or using, seismic detection technology to prevent HWC? At WWF, we have been looking into the possibility of using devices with seismic sensors as an early detection tool to prevent human-elephant conflict. We have a prototype in the works and have just begun testing the tool in northeastern India, and  If successfully tested and implemented, it could also address a number of other conservation issues. I also understand that this idea of seismic detection is being explored by a university in South Africa in relation to African elephants. It would be great to hear more about what others are doing in this space.

Hi Nilanga, 

I'm curious whether you have found any seismic detection technology? 

I'm just exploring this kind of technologies related to elephant tracking, which we can combine and build IoT system to prevent HEC. Let me know if you have came across anything interesting.

kind regards!


Hi Nilaksha,

Thanks for writing. We are still exploring options around seismic detection technology. There are various tools being developed in India, for instance, especially for the use of preventing elephant train collisions, and we are awaiting results once testes. We also recently ran a HWC tech challenge through which we received a number of interesting proposals for various detection systems that we hope to explore further. Please watch this space for more discussions around such technological innovations.

Have you found anything of use in relation to seismic detectors? What has been your experience so far with early detection tools? And are you looking to use them in Sri Lanka? If others on this forum have experience or suggestions to put forth, please do jump in here. Thanks again.



Thanks Nilanga.
I'm exploring new technologies we can use to find solutions for HEC in Sri Lanka. HEC has become a huge problem here in SL. HEC, porching, deforestation and various development projects building up a stress among wildlife. Elephants are really vulnerable to this situation and we are losing 200+ Elephants a year. 
Recently we met the Minister of Wildlife and his officers to propose few solutions to manage HEC in SL. At that meeting we came to know the DWC, SL is using primitive technologies to monitor Elephants. 

Therefore, we are trying to find out latest technological solutions to this problem which are used in other parts of the world. Particularly we're researching on technologies like infra-sound detection, geofencing, remote sensing and applicability of IoT technologies to manage HEC in SL.



We are most happy to help in any way, Nilaksha. Our recent Tech Challenge around HWC is also exploring the testing of innovative solutions, which we hope will help many across the globe once tested and implemented. Of course, these solutions must be tailored to local conditions, but there are many innovative solutions being developed that I invite others in this forum to share as well. Please do keep the conversation going, and if you do come across anything that you are trying out and would like to share, we welcome it. Many thanks again and we will soon be posting more about the tech challenge and solutions offered up as well. So please keep a lookout for those discussions.