Career Opportunity /  21 April 2023

Six Rivers Africa - Head of Research Operations

Coordinate and implement conservation and research strategies for Six Rivers Africa, an NGO based in Tanzania and working in National parks in Southern and western Tanzania. Coordinate Conservation, Research and Environmental Monitoring reporting to manager. Oversee Research and Environmental monitoring activities across the project area including providing regular update reports as well as direct research and monitoring activities as info (mapping and technical) for new projects where needed.

Deadline: 21 April 2023 - 25 days
Arusha - Tanzania, United Republic of



  • Develop Conservation & Research Strategy in consultation with Government agencies & partner NGOs
  • Assist in rolling out of conservation & research strategy a
  • Assist with fund-raising for specific conservation initiatives
  • Coordinate biodiversity inventory (current footprint & targets) with reporting to senior management and publicity into social media
  • Implement Group Research Strategy and Policy in Tanzania
  • Ensure new projects comply with environmental standards & regulations 
  • Maintain collaborations with government, conservation bodies and NGO's in relation to research and monitoring activities
  • Oversee mapping activities where needed and train staff 
  • Design and roll out Biodiversity Surveys and a Wildlife Monitoring System
  • Consolidate Ecological Data and Compile Reports 
  • Preparation and Submission of Annual Wildlife Monitoring Reports per area
  • Coordinate Research Project support and logistics
  • Effective communication and distribution of environmental information
  • Supervision, management and capacity building of personnel involved with Environmental Monitoring (Environmentalists and guides) in the field.
  • Financial management and proposal writing, fundraising, and publicity
  • Building and sustaining partnerships with other environmental organisations and governmental departments.


Key Responsibility Area (KRAs)


1. Wildlife Monitoring Data

Design, collect & collate camp monthly wildlife monitoring data (wildlife sightings data, herbivore transects, bird transects, monthly predator summaries from rangers) and entering it onto the online system, GIS database or Excel for further analysis. 


2. Preparation and Submission of Annual Wildlife Monitoring Reports per area

Complete a comprehensive ‘Wildlife Monitoring Report’ each year for each area based on data gathered including all wildlife monitoring carried out in the concessions or areas by rangers and researchers.


3. Research Project and Support

Assist with logistical support for independent researchers wishing to carry out research within any of the areas of operation. Assist in finding new Research projects to support & setting up partnerships.


4. Representation at Meetings 

Act as a company representative at any workshops, meetings, public events as requested by your Manager. Build good relationships with other environmental organisations, both profit and non-profit.  Identify areas for potential collaboration and standardisation of monitoring systems. 


5. Environmental Training and Awareness

Carry out Environmental Education training to junior & senior staff as well as projects develop as well as assisting with training for rangers.

Reporting and Time Allocation

• Quarterly reports to be submitted detailing all travel done, work done, progress against major tasks/objectives and intentions for next period.

The Conservation Manager should have the following requirements:


  1. A university degree (minimum Masters Degree) in an Environmental subject; or min. of 3 years experience working within the research/environmental monitoring field. 
  2. Experience in the development and management of large-scale, environmental monitoring programmes.
  3. Excellent computer skills, including extensive knowledge in ArcMap (GIS), Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Email and Internet.
  4. The ability to manage, communicate and train people in a cross-cultural setting
  5. Excellent English writing and speaking skills (Swahili preferred but not required)
  6. The ability to work independently, as well as part of a team 
  7. The willingness to travel constantly in remote areas


This is a demanding and extremely mobile, full-time position.  The applicant must be prepared to live/move constantly through remote wilderness areas and National Parks in Tanzania. Salary commensurate with experience. 

Applicants must be able to commit to at least two years. The position will start in June2023 or earlier if possible.


Please send a cover letter and CV by email to:


Email: [email protected]