Career Opportunity /  6 November 2022

Shark Lab Data Analyst

This position (at California State University, Long Beach) provides data management & analysis support to Shark Lab research operations including shark tagging, active tracking, receiver data, AUV & UAV data sets.

Deadline: 6 November 2022 - the deadline has passed.
Long Beach, California - United States

Job posting: 

Key Responsibilities

  • Assist with management, organization, preparation, and data analysis of all Shark Lab data sets.
  • Assist with database management and curation of new incoming data.
  • Assist Shark Lab Operating Systems Analyst with server maintenance and field technician and student access.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of principles of data science, data management and processing. 
  • Ability to evaluate data, perform data quality assurance and control. 
  • Understanding of database architecture and development. 
  • Knowledge of marine electronics, oceanographic and telemetry technology. 
  • Ability to train and supervise others.
  • Ability to communicate with an ethnically and culturally diverse campus community.  
  • Ability to follow all university policies, procedures, and guidelines including but not limited to safety, civility, information security, and non-discrimination policies and procedures.  
  • Ability to contribute to a positive university experience for each and every student and assist in achieving the university's commitment to a "vision of excellence."

Education and Experience

  • Required: Equivalent to a bachelor's degree in a related field and two (2) years of related experience required.
  • Preferred: 
    • MS degree (or higher) in Marine Science, Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, or related discipline from an accredited institution is strongly preferred, AND
    • the equivalent of two (2) or more years of experience in data science, providing data management, processing, and data analysis (spatial and temporal) and working with marine scientists is strongly preferred. 
    • Experience programming in Python and SQL strongly preferred. 
    • Experience working with acoustic and satellite telemetry, biologging, or oceanographic datasets preferred. 
    • Experience programming in other computer languages preferred. 
    • Experience working with students with data management preferred.