Career Opportunity /  12 October 2022

Postdoc: Interpretable ML for species-based image classification

At the Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée center. The project will pursue two different methodological goals: (1) explore the use of natural language bottlenecks describing visible traits or other visual characteristics & (2) design computer vision models that discover discriminative visual characteristics in an unsupervised manner.

Deadline: 12 October 2022 - the deadline has passed.
Montpellier - France

Job description & application: 

"The methods proposed within this project will be devoted to the analysis of real world data for biodiversity ecosystems assessment and monitoring at different spatial scales. The first task is related to the automatic identification of plant species in user-generated photographs with the goal to pave the way towards better Species Distribution Models and even enable us to monitor fine-grained trends in species distribution shifts caused by climate change or other anthropogenic pressures. We will develop new methods that leverage species descriptions based on morphological traits in order to achieve these goals. The second task concerns the analysis of remote sensing imagery to predict habitat (or landscape) characteristics. In a similar fashion to how morphological traits can be used to describe species, these landscape characteristics can be used to describe specific habitats."