Career Opportunity /  19 February 2023

Machine Learning Scientist

The British Antarctic Survey’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is looking to hire a machine learning engineer/researcher. 

Deadline: 19 February 2023 - the deadline has passed.

The British Antarctic Survey’s Artificial Intelligence Lab ( is looking to hire a machine learning engineer/researcher. Initial focus will be to develop and deploy ML and computer vision methods to classify species from Antarctic seafloor photographic imagery. You will develop a working tool for automatic identification and quantification of Antarctic sea floor animals and environments, focusing on object detection, recognition, count, size, abundance quantification and object associations. This will enable fast biological data acquisition from images collected on science cruises and data available on the internet. The successful candidate will join the AI Lab’s ongoing activities, working as part of a team, to create generalisable tools and digital frameworks to underpin BAS science. The
successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with our partner organisations, including: The Alan Turing Institute; international polar research institutes; our University network; and our Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) in AI for Environmental Risk. Candidates will have experience working in machine learning and/or deep learning. 


  • To deploy machine learning methods to identify and quantify sea floor communities to help improve our scientific understanding, and support our Page 2 of 2 planning and/or monitoring activities
  • To conduct creative and innovative research in AI for environmental science, and to develop significant outcomes through publications
  • To work collaboratively with researchers and senior investigators from across BAS, and external partners
  • To champion reproducible science and open-source infrastructure to empower the global environmental research community
  • To advise masters-level, and PhD students on machine learning methods
  • To represent BAS to key stakeholders, such as funding agencies and Government
  • To disseminate research to both academic and non-academic audiences (including public engagement), contribute to the external visibility of BAS. • To play an active role in advancing the BAS AI Lab
  • To help create a friendly and approachable community of environmentally focused machine learning experts and facilitate integration with the BAS science and engineering teams
  • Undertake other duties as appropriate as requested by the BAS Director


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