article / 1 December 2022

WILDLABS: Connect With Your Network Here!

How can you connect with the #tech4wildlife community outside of social media? WILDLABS has everything you need!

So you're looking for new ways to stay connected to the conservation tech community online now that a certain app is going through big changes. Lucky for you, the WILDLABS platform is more interactive than ever, and we already have a thriving community that brings together the largest online cross-section of conservation tech users and makers! 

Whether you're new to WILDLABS or a returning member looking to make the most of our platform's many features that are built to connect you to a global network, we hope you'll find everything you need right here! Get connected today through...

Groups & Discussions

If your conservation tech network on Twitter is looking a little sparse these days, WILDLABS' Groups and discussion forums will help you engage in the conversations you've been missing! 

Our members work on every continent around the world, and have expertise in every type of tech tool. If you have a question, whether it's big or small, broad or specific, someone in our community will surely have knowledge and advice to share. And with the ability to share your question with multiple groups at once, you'll know that your questions are reaching the right corners of the conservation tech field!

And did you know we have a full range of emojis to use in our forums? You can react to discussions with smileys, animals, and more! 

(A fun fact from our WILDLABS team is that emoji design and availability turned into a major conversation during our platform redesign. So please use them! It makes us so happy!)

Start a discussion here.

And when you join the WILDLABS Groups that are relevant to your work and interests, you'll immediately be connected to the people you're looking for!

If an important part of your Twitter experience is looking through hashtags like #AIforConservation, our groups can help you find people with similar interests, and show you new discussions, events, resources, and articles focused on that topic! 

Explore our full range of Groups here.

Sharing Experiences & Resources 

If you love sharing photo threads and project updates on Twitter, you'll also love sharing posts on WILDLABS! 

Our publishing tool makes it easy to create your own blog posts and case studies, even those with pictures and videos! To get started, simply click the +Post button up in the menu bar. 

If you want to know more about posting on WILDLABS, check out our Writing Bootcamp for bonus tips.

And if you like retweeting links to conservation tech resources and content like papers, reports, news stories, videos, or anything else you find out there on the internet, be sure to use our Link option to share those things with our community.


It's super-easy and takes just a couple minutes - probably about the same amount of time you'd spend writing out a tweet! 

Best of all, when you use WILDLABS to share links and posts, we'll give them a boost in our bi-weekly Community Digest, a direct line to our readers all around the world and the best place to easily scroll through all the latest #tech4wildlife content and news from our platform.

If you're not already subscribed, make sure you sign up here to keep in touch!

How are you connecting with the #tech4wildlife community?

Let us know in the comments how you like to stay connected to your conservation tech network. We're always looking for feedback on how to help members like you meet, collaborate, and share!

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