article / 21 July 2023

Want to learn how to report on #ClimateChange? Here's a Free BBC Media Action Course

This course was developed by Code for Africa in partnership with the BBC Media Action with funding from the EU under the Confer project in association with Norcap and ICPAC to help communicate and report about climate change effectively including how to use data and visualisations. 

About the Free Course - Reporting on Climate Change

Welcome to the BBC Media Action course, Reporting On Climate Change. This course will help you understand the science behind the causes of climate change, how international organizations and communities are responding to it and how you as a journalist can cover it effectively for your audience. Communicating climate change is very important as increase in extreme weather events are having severe impacts on the poorest communities in the region. Producing stories about climate change can help improve audiences understanding and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to help them adapt. The modules are open to the public. Login is NOT needed.

Course writers: Corinne Podger and Julian Macharia
Product lead: Muge Ozkaptan
Project Manager: Diana Njeru

  1. What is Climate Change?
  2. Responses to Climate Change
  3. Producing climate change stories for multiplatform
  4. A solutions journalism approach
  5. Audience-responsive journalism
  6. Resources and further reading

Access the free course here

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