article / 13 June 2022

Video: Delivering edge computing on Robinson Crusoe Island (Chile) to preserve biodiversity 

David Will, Head of Innovation @ Island Conservation & Charles Ferland, VP & GM of Edge Computing & Communication Service Providers @ Lenovo

Video - 

"In the video, David explains the high impact of invasive species removal for biodiversity and the challenges faced on remote islands. A great deal of time is spent tracking invasive species by manually collecting data from cameras. Without internet connectivity, the files must be uploaded to external hard drives and shipped out by plane. This extends a simple detection process from weeks to months.

However, Lenovo has ensured a dramatic increase in efficiency on Robinson Crusoe Island, both in terms of time and cost. This exciting collaboration will help accelerate multiple island restoration projects in the future, including the ambitious Island-Ocean Connection Challenge, which aims to restore at least 40 island-marine ecosystems by 2030."

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