article / 5 September 2023

Textbook: Cloud-Based Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine

The first most comprehensive textbook for Earth Engine "Cloud-Based Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine" now has many video tutorials by authors,

Textbook Resource: Cloud-Based Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine: Fundamentals and Applications

This book is the product of more than a year of effort from more than 100 individuals, working in concert to provide this free resource for learning how to use this exciting technology for the public good.

​The book includes work from undergraduates, master’s students, PhD students, postdocs, assistant professors, associate professors, and independent consultants.

About the Book

The book is broadly organized into two sections:

  1. Fundamentals
    The first half, Fundamentals, is a set of 31 labs designed to take you from being a complete Earth Engine novice to being a quite advanced user.
  2. Applications
    ​The second half, Applications, presents you with a tour of the world of Earth Engine across 24 chapters, showing how it is used in a very wide variety of settings that rely on remote-sensing data.

We encourage you to try out these labs! You can start at the very beginning, or go to any other section you like. Each chapter can be done independently of the previous ones.

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