article / 13 June 2022

New remote sensing papers/datasets

Near real-time global 10 m land cover mapping via Dynamic World; combining Sentinel-1 & -2 data for tree species classification; detecting elephants from drone imagery; Ecuador's satellite monitoring for illegal fishing; Restor's platform

Brown, C.F., Brumby, S.P., Guzder-Williams, B. et al. Dynamic World, Near real-time global 10 m land use land cover mapping. Scientific Data, 9, 251. 

Lechner, M., Dostálová, A., Hollaus, M., Atzberger, C., & Immitzer, M. (2022). Combination of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data for tree species classification in a central European biosphere reserve. Remote Sensing, 14(11), 2687. (open access)

Deep learning pre-trained model to detect elephants using aerial imagery, from ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World - 

Crowther, T. W., Thomas, S. M., van den Hoogen, J., Robmann, N., Chavarría, A., Cottam, A., ... & Rowe, C. (2022). Restor: Transparency and connectivity for the global environmental movement. One Earth, 5(5), 476-481. (not open access)

"To fight illegal fishing in the Galapagos, Ecuador turns to Canadian satellite and sensing technology" by Chris Arsenault & Philippe Le Billon -  

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