article / 22 October 2021

Module 8: In the Field

Welcome to the eighth and final module of our Build Your Own Data Logger virtual course. We’ve built, coded and tested our data logger. Now we’re taking it into the field. 

Welcome to the final module of the course, Module 8 - In the Field! We’ve built, coded and tested our data logger. Now we’re taking it into the field. We’ll discuss the overall field maintenance approach, and go through useful equipment to have with you including solder irons, wire strippers, wire crimpers, extra cable harnesses, extra wires, and a bunch more. Finally, we discuss visually expecting devices for damage, and debugging with and without a laptop.

If you have questions while working through this module, you can ask your question in the Module 8 forum thread here.



By the end of this module, you would have completed the course. Congratulations! We hope this is just the beginning of customising your own devices for field research and conservation. 

End of Course Survey

Well done! You have now (hopefully!) reached the end of the Build Your Own Datalogger course and have a real, working datalogger. This course has been a lot of work to develop (more than we anticipated if we're honest, that third module was a monster), but your enthusiasm for the course and what you're learning has made it more than worthwhile. 

As we look ahead to running this course again next year and developing new courses, we'd love to hear about your experience taking this course. What went well? What can we impove? How are you using the datalogger you build? What courses could we design in the future to answer your questions? 

This survey has 11 questions and should only take about 5mins to complete. Take the survey here

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