article / 10 February 2022

Media stories highlight WILDLABS research & community

Following the release of our 2021 State of Conservation Technology research and report, the WILDLABS community has been featured in many articles, including two new features in The Hill and Mongabay. Header Image: Claire Burke

We're thrilled and honored to see two more great articles out this week covering our recent State of Conservation Technology research!

The first, published in Mongabay, was written by Caitlin Looby. On top of an excellent summary of our research findings, Caitlin included a thoughtful deep dive into the underlying motivations of this work, why it’s so crucial to include local and Indigenous communities in conservation tech efforts, and why being able to do this effectively is tied so closely to the constraints facing the entire discipline. Read this article here.

The second article, written by Trang Chu Minh and published in The Hill, also touches on the importance of inclusion and accessibility in conservation tech. However, what stood out to us about this piece was the fantastic overview Trang provides of the kinds of efforts that are driving conservation technology forward, highlighting an array of community projects in a way that's accessible to a broader audience. Read this article here.

These are exactly the kinds of conversations we hoped would come out of this research, both within and beyond the active conservation tech community. And as technology continues to evolve and our community continues to grow, we hope to see even more discussions leading to a deeper understanding of our field, and to new ideas and solutions.

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To learn more about the first-ever global, community-sourced assessment of the state of the conservation technology field, read our report here.

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