article / 15 November 2023

Have your say: Take the 2023 WILDLABS State of Conservation Technology Survey

WILDLABS just released our three-year trends report sharing insights into how perceptions and engagement with technology for biodiversity and conservation are evolving. Take the 2023 survey and share it widely to help us continue to take the pulse and shape the future of our rapidly advancing community and sector.

About the Research

As global environmental challenges continue to escalate, understanding how to leverage modern technology innovations for conservation impact most effectively becomes increasingly critical. In 2020, WILDLABS partnered with researchers at Colorado State University to evolve our annual survey into a comprehensive assessment of the State of Conservation Technology. This work was published in Conservation Biology, featured in leading media outlets including the New York Times, The Hill, and Mongabay, and has also since informed decision-making and at leading international non-profit organizations and government bodies, as well as supported funding applications across the sector.

For the State of Conservation Technology 2023 report, we’ve built on our 2021 results to conduct a three-year trends analysis, bringing you insights for the first time into how dynamics have been evolving across the community over time. Our aims in this research are to build an evidence base to share back with and support the community, to use the insights produced to create more informed and effective WILDLABS programs, and to communicate shared priorities to influence policy and funding decisions that will benefit our sector as a whole. As always, our hope with this research is to amplify a united voice to drive progress toward impactful and inclusive solutions for the planet.

Here are the highlights of the State of Conservation Technology 2023 release:

Recognizing the influence of this research and the massive opportunity to harness this community's collective experience, our goal is to continue building from this baseline annually and collect a longitudinal dataset that tracks trends and helps shape the future of the rapidly evolving conservation technology sector.

To help us continue to capture the most accurate picture possible of where conservation technology stands and what is needed, please take a few minutes to take the WILDLABS Conservation Tech Survey 2023 and share it widely. Thank you!

Survey details

In this survey, we'll be asking for your thoughts on the technologies you work with, as well as broader questions on challenges facing the conservation technology sector and opportunities for addressing them.

The survey is designed to take about 10 minutes to complete. Please keep in mind that your participation is voluntary and that your responses will remain confidential. Follow this link to access the survey and consent information, and let us know if you have any questions.

As always, thank you for your help!


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