article / 16 September 2022

Emerging technologies revolutionise insect ecology and monitoring

Nice overview paper on technological advances to improve insect monitoring


  • Technological developments are opening new possibilities for biodiversity monitoring, but – especially for insects – they come with their own unique set of limitations.
  • Due to the vast diversity of insects, of which at least 80% remain undescribed, traditional monitoring is unable to provide even basic knowledge of the state of most insect species in most places.
  • We appraise four emerging tools and technologies (computer vision, acoustic monitoring, radar, and molecular methods) that provide unprecedented opportunities for insect ecology.
  • These technologies can enhance spatial, temporal, and taxonomic coverage of monitoring, but none can monitor all insects at all scales, and each comes with a set of limitations.
  • Technological integration, open data, and international standards are needed to harness the full potential of novel technologies for insect monitoring.

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