article / 5 June 2023

Camera Traps to monitor direct seeding reforestation

Acorn removal study of Nendo Dango, Ecological Restoration Research group at the University of Granada

At University of Granada, we used different Camera Traps to study the viability of direct seeding of acorns for reforestation.

Direct seeding is a technique that have a lot of potential to reforest large areas faster with lower costs, since there is no need to produce seedlings, but systems to reduce seed predation are needed to assure the survival of the plants.

We created different protections of the acorns with the Nendo Dango technique, a layer of clay and vermicompost surrounding the seeds, and monitor the seeds with camera traps to observe if the animals are able to remove/predate them.

The use of camera traps is clever to understand the seed removal mechanisms and develop a valid methodology to prevent removal and assure the viability of seed based reforestation projects.



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