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Join our November Variety Hour to learn about Club Arribada, an after-school conservation tech training programme in Principe, discover how you can use our new Conservation Tech Training and Education Group, and hear...

22 September 2022

Last year, WILDLABS published the first global, community-sourced assessment of the State of Conservation Technology, which evolved from our annual community survey. Take the 2022 survey to help us build from this...

14 September 2022


Have others watched this webinar from GBIF introducing the data model for camera trap data. I wonder if this is something we can easily adopt/adapt for our sorts of camera traps?

24 November 2022



I am a scat dog handler and have been looking to add tech. into my odor training. I got a fresh idea of making a self-dispensing machine that automates when a small novice puppy...

24 November 2022


Hi all, one of the 8 MozFest 2023 spaces is 'Tech & Biodiversity', and the organisers seek input for an event on the intersection of tech, humans and biodiversity.  Who...

22 November 2022


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Hello, I'm working on a light weight light trap based on Bjerge et al 2021, however I opted to use an ArduCam 64mp (9152 x 6944 resolution). Designed for the pi specifically...
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Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects, Sensors 10 hours 20 minutes ago
Hey Vance! We hosted the workshop a few weeks ago, but we're doing follow up calls and future meetings. I'll loop you into the next call! Steph
Biologging, Community Base, Connectivity, Data management and processing tools , Emerging Tech, Remote Sensing & GIS 17 hours 31 minutes ago
Thanks a lot, @rcz133 ! I will certainly check your blog out (thanks heaps for pointing me in its direction). 
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Camera Traps 1 day 18 hours ago
Hi Andrew,Great idea. It would be cool if the text uses multiple types of media. There is a new recent example of an online text for Google Earth Engine: Cloud-Based Remote...
Conservation Tech Training and Education 1 day 20 hours ago
@shahselbe see above if interested! 
Conservation Tech Training and Education, Emerging Tech 2 days 14 hours ago
Interested too, great work!
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Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects 3 days 17 hours ago
Hi David,I am happy to support if this opportunity is still open?You can reach me on [email protected]: Thanks,Loretta
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Early Career 3 days 20 hours ago
You can try Frank G.. He's a fantastically innovative engineer who founded and rubs the Maker's Space at Barstow College in Barstow, Calif. Frank is very familiar with...
Build Your Own Data Logger Community 4 days 15 hours ago
Hello NaomiUsing a remote reward device is not unusual for detection dog imprinting. I prefer a clicker so that I can transfer to field training easier than with a remote reward...
Conservation Dogs, Women in Conservation Tech Programme (WiCT) 4 days 17 hours ago
Yes. I think this is really the way to go!
Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects, Camera Traps 4 days 19 hours ago
Hahaha, now I see why you were asking ... 
AI for Conservation 4 days 20 hours ago
Super interesting! I registered immediately.Perhaps good to know is that if one registers, it is not only to apply for the upcoming symposium but also for future ones. So even if...
Early Career, Emerging Tech 4 days 20 hours ago

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Computer engineer & transdisciplinar artist.

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Teach an undergraduate Conservation+Tech training program at UC Berkeley

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Stanford University

Doctoral Research at Stanford University | Interested in data science and observational approaches for issues in coastal health

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Backend engineer trying to enter the conservation space. Interested in applying machine learning to solve real life problems.

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My name is Abdur Rehman,I'm from pakistan and, I was recently graduated from department of Zoology in govt post graduate jahanzeb college swat. I'm curious to attend webinar or conference that are related to my field of interest.

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Roxiris Azuaje Rodríguez

Roxiris Azuaje Rodríguez

  • roxi

Biologist I consider myself a data scientist with a passion for nature and with an extensive experience in species distribution modeling, handling large data sets from different sources such as gbif, eBird, xeno-canto, Worldclim, Terraclimate, ocean color e NASA among others. But

I am a conservationist in Madagascar. I am also the founder and CEO of small NGO in the country

Austin Greene

Austin Greene

  • He/Him

Coral reef ecologist and professional tinkerer

Elin Roberts

Elin Roberts

GIS and Database Coordinator at the Rainforest Foundation UK

Ideas & Updates

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is seeking a research Post Doctoral Fellow to work in collaboration with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The position will focus on using Machine...

7 December 2022

Rainforest Foundation UK is looking for a FullStack developer with an interest in environmental justice and the development of rainforest monitoring systems

6 December 2022

Conservation partnership launches new award to advance biodiversity conservation from space

5 December 2022


Senior Software Engineer, FieldKit

2 December 2022





12 PhD Positions - WildDrone

1 December 2022



Research Software Engineer, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

1 December 2022

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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Earth Observation 101
Virtual Course

Starting Monday 10th October, WILDLABS and the Satellite Applications Catapult are proud to announce our new virtual course: Earth Observation 101. This four-part lecture series from Dr Cristian Rossi explores the technologies and the algorithms behind remote sensing and gives an overview of several applications using Remote Sensing data, including practicalities about data access and processing.

Are you new to Remote Sensing, or want to know more about the applications of the technology? Then this series is for you! This series will give you the practical knowledge base you need to understand the current state of Earth Observation for Conservation and where the field is headed.

This lecture series is free and allows you to move at your own pace with videos available to all on the WILDLABS YouTube channel. Course content will also be posted in the Earth Observation 101 Community WILDLABS group, where you can navigate through all the content, engage with other participants, and reach out to the course instructor directly.

To join this virtual course, register here!

Join us for the first part of our Earth Observation 101 Virtual Course, where we will be exploring the physical fundamentals of the main two earth observation technologies:...
Recording available

Join us for the second part of our Earth Observation 101 Virtual Course, where we will delve into the many applications where remote sensing data has been used
Recording available

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Rob Appleby

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