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Stephanie O'Donnell

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The WILDLABS community had a banner year in 2022 as we launched our new platform, created more community-centered programmes, and broke new ground in impactful research and workshops. Read more in our 2022 WILDLABS...

18 September 2023


Join us this month to hear about developing a Polar Bear satellite ear tag transmitter, how 3D tech is being used in forest ecology, Digital Earth Africa's work to make Earth Observation data open and accessible for the...

20 September 2023

Hello biologging community!My name is Holly Cormack and I’m the new Conservation Technology Intern in the WILDLABS team. We are researching what different...

30 August 2023


Five #tech4wildlife people, projects and updates that caught our attention this month. An AI supported bear early warning system, a project that's connecting indigenous communities with high speed internet, exploring...

12 September 2023


A few months ago, the Wildlife Insights team conducted a survey to learn more about camera trap data management practices, the use of AI for camera trap image review, and barriers...

20 September 2023


Conversations & Questions

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You can't scale your nature venture? You can't find a job in the nature field? Here is my solution. Introducing: The free Biodiversity...
Early Career 5 minutes 25 seconds ago
Hi Lacey, interesting workshop you are putting together. You might want to consider using MoveApps (www.moveapps.org) for having people develop user-tailored visualisation Apps...
Biologging, Remote Sensing & GIS 1 hour 40 minutes ago
Also tagging @NickGardner who works on a similar project! (detecting birds from audio in Peruvian flooded forests)
Acoustic Monitoring 12 hours 7 minutes ago
Hi JacobI am Emanuel Massawe a bachelor degree graduate at the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka. I love conservation technology so much and i am looking for a...
Early Career 4 days 4 hours ago
Hi there! It looks great! Is the box plastic or glass? Have you tested how the box deteriotes the image? It could be quite considerable I am afraid. Cheers,Lars
Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects 4 days 22 hours ago
Hi Carly,I'm asking myself the same questions. I've recently contributed to MoveApps, which was a very nice entry point into conservation tech/movement ecology for me. Perhaps you...
Early Career 1 week ago
Hi everyone. I am suuuuuper late on this discussion but I just finished 6-month fieldwork deploying 18 SM Micro over 70 different locations in Java, so I thought I would like to...
  • +18
Acoustic Monitoring, Sensors 1 week 1 day ago
Hi Emma, In your new project, if you have interest in a direct to satellite platform perspective, you can contact me on [email protected] Would be interested to see your...
Emerging Tech, Ethics of Conservation Tech 1 week 1 day ago
Hi Andrew,Great to hear about what you are currently working on. Based on the scope of your work, here are some organisations working across East Africa that could be useful to...
Acoustic Monitoring 1 week 2 days ago
Makes sense if you have the cash...
  • +8
Biologging, Climate Change, Sensors, Build Your Own Data Logger Community, Emerging Tech 1 week 4 days ago
Hi Lars,One of the problems you identified with your Milsar units was the antenna being worn off. This was solved in our units by the antenna being epoxied into an abrasion...
  • +9
Biologging 1 week 4 days ago
I second that!
Acoustic Monitoring 1 week 4 days ago

Connect & Collaborate

Cross-discipline knowledge experiences in Environment, Politics, Social Media Communications & Social innovation

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Roger Williams University

Computer scientist and mathematician working on a smarter wildlife trade intelligence platform.

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Kris Harmon

Kris Harmon

  •  |  he/him

Biologist at Rainforest Connection

Zsófia Varga-Szilay

Zsófia Varga-Szilay

I am actively interested in pollinator ecology, monitoring, and conservation and the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools for my research. https://vargaszilay.hu/

Hana Tebelmann

Hana Tebelmann

Researcher in behavioural biology & conservation focussing on wild canids

Sean Perry

Sean Perry

  •  |  He/Him/His

Project Lead of the Acoustic Species Identification Team at UCSD Engineers For Exploration

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

I'm new to wildlife technology but really want to get more involved in learning about the various technologies out there for wildlife and land surveys. I currently work in consulting and trying to find away to incorporate these applications to my job.

Ideas & Updates

We're delighted to announce that Connected Conservation Foundation and Airbus Foundation have today launched round 2 of the ‘Satellites for Biodiversity Award’.

2 October 2023

Save the date! An upcoming conversation with Mongabay and a panel of conservationists and technology wizards will cover how journalists can better cover conservation technology.

29 September 2023


TANZANIA WILDLIFE RESEARCH INSTITUTE will be hosting the 14th Scientific Conference that will be held from the 6th to 8th December 2023 at Arusha International Conference Center (AICC), Arusha, Tanzania. 

28 September 2023




Conservation Innovation Manager

27 September 2023



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Tech Tutors Season 4
East Africa

Are you looking for ways to grow your conservation technology knowledge and skills this year? Tech Tutors: East Africa is your opportunity to learn practical skills and steps that will become the building blocks you need to push your conservation tech work and research forward! 

Our live season of Tech Tutors runs through to the end of May! For our next live event, join us on Thursday 11th May, 4PM EAT|2PM BST where Dr. Richard Lamprey, a consultant with IUCN, will answer the question: 'How do I get started with systematic reconnaissance flights (SRFs) for wildlife surveys?'. This tutorial will explore the different aspects of aerial surveys, including their significance, ways to ensure precision and accuracy, techniques for counting from aerial platforms, methods of analyzing SRF survey data, and much more!

Want to join us this week? Register here!

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